21-day sugar detox recap

I had no idea I could feel this amazing!

My 21-day sugar detox is officially over. If you are just curious about my final thoughts, I will start with those.  I loved doing this sugar detox.  It taught me that I can eat a different way and probably should be.  Eating healthy fats, vegetables, meats and whole foods, I was not hungry and did not crave sugar or carbohydrates.  I realized without sugar, I did not crash in the afternoon, something I had been working on for several months to avoid.  I had no idea that only after a few days my 2pm crash would be gone.  That was the first noticeable thing for me.  Oh, and I lost some weight.

Prior to this sugar detox, I ate sweets fairly regularly. Most days I would just have a small piece of dark chocolate.  Other days though, I would have a cookie or ice cream.  On those days I would justify it by saying I had been eating really well or would just make sure I got my work out in. I eat healthy and did not see a huge problem with my frequent sweets.  Although, I was very aware that when I did eat one sweet, I craved more sugar.  I do think a bigger problem for me has been craving carbohydrates.  I often would think I was not full or could not be full without having some sort of carbohydrate with my meal such as bread.

The sugar detox I did was Danielle Sanfilippo 21-day sugar detox plan. Some of you may know I am a therapist and I have my own private practice. Danielle Sanfilillpo has a podcast called building a badass business (which is for any business, not necessarily nutrition). I had been listening to these amazing podcasts and through that became familiar with the sugar detox. I have been trying to cut out processed foods and been trying to move toward a whole foods diet. Since this was only 21 days, I figured that was feasible for me to do.

What I learned:
I need to listen to my body more when I eat.  For example, if I feel bloated after eating, I need to think about not eating that type of food.  I  wonder if one of the reasons I feel this great is due to the lack of gluten and am considering going gluten free if I do not feel well when I bring more gluten in my diet.

Somethings that I thought were healthy for me actually were not healthy for me.  I had no idea how much hidden sugar is in things.  

I feel mentally clearer and I can focus better.

I have a lot more engery, I sleep better and have improved mood.  

During the past 21 days my husband was so supportive and deserves his own shout out for this.  This sugar detox can be simple with no meal planning because it is scheduled for you.  However, I struggled with the idea of having to create separate meals for other members of my family as there were some items they would not eat (such as fish).  Instead, my husband went through the cookbook and identified meals he would want to eat.  He also helped prepare many meals.  He has since become an excellent hummus maker.  All the recipes that we had out of this cook book were eaten and enjoyed by all including my kids.

 If you are wondering if I will continue to eat this way, the answer is yes…for the most part.  I will be focusing on creating family friendly whole food meals.

If you have tried a sugar detox or are eating whole foods, I would love to hear how you are feeling.  

Choose Happiness,

Jessica Lynn


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  1. Kathleen says:

    I want to try this but I’m terrified that I will be a monster because of withdrawal. Did you still drink coffee? What did you feed the kids? How did you do it?? Help me!!!

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