5 Simple Steps To Becoming A Happier Mommy

5 simiple steps happy momm

I am about halfway through my 3o day mommy happiness challenge and it is going well. I have managed to do something for myself each day this month.  How is everyone else doing?  I thought I would share some quick tips on things to do to become a bit happier.

These are just some of the ways that I have found that have worked for me…

1.  Add positivity to your life.  Believe it or not, but surrounding yourself by positive messages really makes a difference.  Maybe it is looking up quotes on Pinterest or starting your day with a positive daily reading.  I like a page on Facebook called Runner Girl and every morning it has a morning motivation quote and picture.  Seeing that simple page really helps me start my day.

2.  Get some exercise.  I know that this can be hard to do, but finding any amount of time to get moving can really change your day.

3.  Help another mom who is struggling.  When you see a mom out who looks like she is having a hard time, tell her she is doing a good job.  Maybe even start a conversation with her.  That way you both are getting some adult conversation.  I know several times another mom has helped my kids stop the looming meltdown.  Also, it just feels good to help someone else.

4.  Call an old friend.  The people I talk to the most are some of the people I see the least since they live out of state, but I am blessed to have them in my life.  I can call and have a REAL conversation that may only last a few minutes, but it can just be enough to feel refreshed.

5. Leave the mess.  The thing about having kids that I have realized, is that the mess will ALWAYS be there.  I can sweep 5x a day, but for some reason, I need to do it 10x a day.  The dishes do not need to be done before you do any of the above, it can all be done later (or preferably by another person!)

Again, these are just some quick tips that I am trying to practice.  My goal is to be happier to be more present with my kids and these seem to help me on my journey of parenthood.  I would love to hear about your challenge so feel free to comment.


Be happy,

Jessica Lynn


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