6 Ways New Moms Can Get Support: Guest Post

All moms need support at any stage, but especially during the the first few weeks if not months of becoming a mom.  To receive support, one must ask for help and for many this may be a struggle.  However, it can really help your overall well-being to ask for help, connect with other moms and share your feelings with your own partner.  

For today’s post, I have connect with Jill Cedar who is the childcare Expert for About.com.  Jill Ceder is a writer and psychotherapist working with women, children and families. She loves working with parents, helping them navigate their roles, balance their busy lives, and find strategies that work for their family. She is the Childcare Expert for About.com, a 30 Second Mom Contributor and a Momco Brand Ambassador. Her favorite activity is hanging out with her almost 2 year old son.

Jill shared with me that her favorite forms of self-care are a quick massage if she was to splurge.  But also going to Target early in the morning when its empty, a guilty pleasure of hers (and lets face it, probably every other woman out there, right?).

Jill is letting me share one of her articles that she wrote for Postpartum Support International Blog Hop.  Her article 6 ways new moms can get support has a lot of useful tips.  I would love to know what you would add to this list.  

Thank you so much Jill.

Choose Happiness, 

Jessica Lynn



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