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Has anyone ever said to you, “Enjoy your time, it goes fast?”  It happens to me often when I am out with my two boys.  Sometimes someone just says it in passing, while others stop to tell me they can’t believe they have grandkids older than my boys.  Well, I have decided to listen and this blog is about how I am going to do that.

My name is Jessica Lynn and I have two boys ages 2 and 3.  Many times I have felt like I was wishing time away.  I would say things like “when he sleeps through the night,” “I can’t wait till Mister walks”, and “I will get so much done when both boys take long afternoon naps.”  Well, both boys only took an afternoon nap for about a month, so I needed a new plan.

As a therapist, I have always known it is important to take care of myself, but when you become a mother, that idea gets lost.  After being stressed, tired and just overwhelmed, I went back to what I knew: self-care.  If I want to take care of my kids, I needed to take care of myself.  So, I started taking care of myself more about a year go by making small changes.  I have found those small changes have lead to important changes.  I have become a better mom, wife and person.  Taking a bit of time for myself, working through that mom guilt and letting go, I have found I am much happier.  There will always be a time to clean, but finger painting will not be forever.  I hope you find some inspiration to take care of yourself and would love to hear about your journey.

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