Being Together

Being Together

My daughter was born very sick and has had six long hospital stays in her two short years. Each time my family and I are separated while she is in hospital is very difficult physically and emotionally. It is emotionally difficult to have one child sick in a hospital bed, and one at home who is able to run and play. I want to be with both children and be able to kiss both children goodnight. The times I have been away from my son while my daughter is in the hospital make me realize what a blessing it is to have your entire family in one house, under one roof. I know that many families are confronted with separation for a variety of reasons…hospital stays, military, job relocations and countless other reasons. Each one can be emotionally challenging.

These past two years have taught me how valuable family time is, no matter what we are doing. Before my daughter was born, I was thankful for all the good times we had as a family. Now I am thankful for all the times we have together as a family….

-children playing together and children fighting over a toy
-having my daughter sleep through the night in her own bed and having my -son sneak into my bed in the middle of the night
-feeding my son a bottle and feeding my daughter through a feeding tube
-sunny days playing outside and rainy days playing inside
-going on family vacations and taking a staycation
-going to play with friends and staying in because it is flu season
-children listening to their parents, and children choosing not to listen
-children laughing and children crying because they did not get their way

Although some of these may not be positive, such as children fighting over a toy, I am grateful that my children are able to interact together. When it rains, I am grateful that we can all be inside together. Like any mother I still get frustrated when my children are fighting or not listening to me. I look at my small frustrations in terms of the big picture though. They are children and their actions are a normal part of childhood. I would not want it any other way. At the end of the day the most important part of life is family, no matter how big or how small, and the comfort that it brings.


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