Five Minute Friday: Exhale

Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker:  Just write for 5 minutes.  No extreme editing.  Todays word: Exhale

To Exhale…

Why do we need to be reminded to do that?

I think I needed this word, I needed to be reminded to just exhale.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed these days.  There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day and because of this I sometimes struggle with judging myself. I say things such as: am I taking to much on, doing to much, is this all working toward my goal, is it worth it? For the past few days I have had these thoughts. But I have learned self-talk is helpful and reminding myself that it is going to be okay. I take the time to pray for guidance. I tell myself  the changes do not need to be immediate or perfect, but to rather just enjoy the ride.

I need to take the time to exhale.

Breathe in

Exhale out

Breathe deeply for 7 seconds

Exhale for 11 seconds

I need to tell myself that to calm down and refocus. 
I want to enjoy this summer with my kids, have slow days and not miss anything.  It really will be okay. I can do this and be a good mom. I just need to breathe and exhale.


Be Happy, 

Jessica Lynn

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