Five Minute Friday- Messenger

My first ever Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo!

Lisa-Jo gives you a prompt word and you write for just five minutes.  So here we go…

Prompt Word: Messenger

I think we all have a message to give and each story is important.  But just as important to giving a message, is listening to a message. When that message is given we have a choice.


-To listen 

-To ignore

When I reflect on the changes I have made over the last few months, I can tell you exactly why I decided to make the changes I have begun to make in my life.  In the areas that I am beginning to change, it is because I chose to listen to a message.  These were not huge life changing events, but rather it was one or two conversations, posts, or pictures that made me reflect on myself and decide I want to change.  I began to listen to the message being given.  I would not continue to complain about the things I am dissatisfied with, but rather I would do something different.  I would take chances, do something to make me happy, while becoming vulnerable through this process.  But that is okay.  I am okay with that and the life I am beginning to live.

I am choosing to continue to listen to the message.

Be Happy,

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