How To Be A Multi-Tasking Master: Guest Post

I often talk about slowing down and it has even been one of the happiness challenges this month.  But the reality is that somethings need to get done.  I have learned to let go of a lot of things, but for the things that you can’t, learning to multi-task is a great way to get more done.  For example, I almost always post around 7:30am.  Why?  Because I am brushing my teeth and posting something on Facebook.  Today JoDee from A to Z Moms Like Me has some great tips in her blog post How To Be A Multi-Tasking Master.
JoDee is mom of 6 kids. She loves learning and is always full of ideas that keep her busy doing new projects all the time. Besides being a mom, wife and blogger, she is the author of a number of books on Amazon (mostly simple-yet loved children’s books) and a public speaker.  She has developed a school program called “Raising Superheroes” that helps students discover the hero within while guiding teachers and parents how to guide them.  JoDee has a ton going out, so make sure you check out all she is doing here.  
JoDee shared with me that her favorite thing to do for self-care is probably a nice hot bath and a meditation- her favorite meditation is called “The Daisy Pond”.  She shared that being an extrovert she tends to re energize by having fun with friends so girls nights are always fun too.
To learn JoDee’s ways to be a multi-tasking master make sure you read her post here.  What areas are you good at being a multi-tasker?  
Choose Happiness, 
Jessica Lynn

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