How to Make Working Out a Priority for Mommy’s


I think it is fair to say my whole life I have struggled with working out, whether it was finding the motivation, time, or energy. After I had Buddy, I had lost a lot of weight. I was at a weight I had not been at for over 10 years…and then I began to gain the pregnancy weight for Mister (Remember they are only 15 months apart). So that great ideal weight I was at lasted maybe 4 weeks. So after Mister  born, I assumed I would lose the weight again. NOPE! It never happened. I waited and waited but never lost the weight. So I finally decided to begin to workout.

 I have consistently been working out for the past 18 months. In my whole life, I could barely make it a week of working out and if I was lucky, I made it a month. But something has significantly changed that has allowed me to want to continue to workout.  I changed my thinking.


I think I have always wanted to be a certain weight and when I wasn’t losing the weight, I would just give up. Working out wasn’t getting me to my goal, so why bother? Now, I know that number does not matter. Six months ago, I began training for a half marathon. During that time I ate the best I had ever eaten and worked out at least 5 days a week. I lost 5lbs. That’s it! What did I learn? I learned that I felt amazing and did not need a number to make me feel that way.

20140622-201152-72712949.jpgMy 1st 15k


If I want to stay motivated I need to be working toward a goal. I began running last year and did my first ever 5k. I love running. I love how it makes me feel. I love meeting new people, connecting with old friends and creating new memories.  Some people would not pay to run in a race. For me, it is a great way to keep me accountable. If I have a race coming up, I am going to get my runs in.


Everyday I have a choice to workout. I either did or didn’t. I can honestly say I have never regretted a workout, but I regret not working out. If I want to do it, I will make time. I will get up early and do it (which honestly is rare), but often it will be after that kids go to bed at night. So although it is not desirable, I will workout at 8pm or 9pm so that I am able to get a workout in. It takes discipline to consistently workout and the sooner I accepted that the better.


I know that if I wanted to be consistent with working out, I needed to eat healthier. If I eat a bowl of ice cream after dinner, I will not want to workout. I have learned that. I know I need to fuel my body with healthier choices to give me the energy for a workout. So changing my thinking to fueling my body for the workout, instead of some instant gratification of sugar, I am much more likely to make healthier choices and then workout. 

20140622-201152-72712728.jpg My 1st Half Marathon!

Since starting this process I have had a lot of benefits.  Working out and eating healthy are great ways to reduce stress. Being a mama of two little ones, I needed to find a healthy way to deal with my stress and I have with working out. After a long day with the kids, I use to just want to sit on the couch and watch a show, but now I would rather go running. I always feel better. I now know that having no time, energy and lack of motivation are my excuses, so I am trying not to use them anymore. With my goal of giving my kids a happy present mama, I know I need to workout and I hope that is enough to keep me motivated.  

I would love to know about your workouts, what keeps you motivated and how you fit it all in! 

Be Happy, 

 Jessica Lynn


  1. Andrea says:

    I love this. Do you remember saying to me, many times, “I can’t run”. So many times… Now check you out…
    Three more weeks till I can work on getting my stride back and it can’t come soon enough!!!
    Miss you! Next time I’m in the roc.. We are doing a race!!!

    • Jessica Lynn says:

      YES I remember! That has been me my whole life. But that’s the thing, figuring out how to change my thinking. I would love to do a race with you. I hope you are doing well and since I haven’t seen any pics, I am going to assume you look beautiful and amazing as always!

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