Mother’s Day Letter To My Kids

Last year, I shared that I started writing letters to my kids for Mother’s Day.  Last night,  I sat down and wrote my letters to my kids.  I shared about the changes over the past year, what they love now, our joys and our little family traditions. On Mother’s Day I will sit down with them and read them the letters.  This will continue to be a special part of Mother’s Day for me as a mom.  Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate my own mom as well.  She has done and continues to do so much for me, as does my own mother-in-law.  I have been blessed to have such supportive women in my life.  

My hope for this Mother’s Day is that all moms get remembered.  I want to acknowledge that this day is not only for the mother’s who get to be with their kids, but for all those who do not, those who long to be a mother, those who have also had the important role of being a motherly figure to someone and those who miss their moms.  Every type of mother is important and deserves to have that remembered.  For all the moms who are excited that they finally get a day to be maybe relax, many are wishing that this day would be over.  So, your happiness challenge for today is to remember all mothers and those who are missing their mother’s.  Send positive thoughts/prayer or reach out to a mother or friend.  You can make the difference in someone’s day today.  


Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Jessica Lynn



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