Moving Past Mommy Guilt

I have recently connected with Tara over at BoydMeetsGirl.  She shares that she writes about anything that interests her as a mom, wife and amazingly neat person.  She recently shared a post about mommy guilt.  We all know what it is, that feeling that you get when you are doing something that pretty much isn’t for your kid or something alone those lines.  I wrote a previous post about mommy guilt too.  I have found that taken care of myself really has decreased the amount of guilt I get as a mom.  What I love about Tara’s post on mom guilt is that she looks for the positives.  I am all about changing thinking and she has some great examples of how to do that.

Tara shared with me that some things she does for her own self-care include daily calls with her mom, sister and best friend, regularly scheduled play dates with her mom friends, and researching photo shoot ideas.  Tara also shared the writing is a from of therapy for her too (I totally agree with that)!  Make sure you check out her post 10 Common Mommy Guilt’s Turn into Mommy Mantra’s.

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