Why a Moms Weekend Away is Needed

My view during the weekend.


Girls trips!

Who doesn’t love the idea of a girls trip? 

I know I do…but the thing is I love the idea of it but the actual follow through is a different story. 



Here is my story.  My sister is my best friend.  I love her and since we don’t live close we only get to see each other once in awhile and it is always with children.  Although our kids are great and we love that they get cousin time, I would not call this time relaxing. So we started talking about how we needed to take a vacation together.  We talked about going to Italy, going to a spa, and going across country.  We felt we deserved it.  One of us had been either pregnant or nursing for the past 4 years, so why not take some time to do that together?  As much as I wanted to, I began to make excuses.  Here are some common ones for me:

I can’t afford it

I can’t leave the kids that long

I can’t fly

I can’t leave my husband to take care of the kids

I can’t ask more of their grandparents

Do you see a pattern?  I make a lot of excuses that begin with I can’t.  None of those are actually true but it is what I tell myself.  That is the guilt talking.  The reality is that yes it is hard to leave my kids but they will be okay. 

It is actually good for my children to spend time having others care for them.

My cousin and her dog.  He is a pretty cool dog and goes every where.  He even has his own facebook page.

My cousin and her dog. He is a pretty cool dog and goes every where. He even has his own facebook page.

So, my sister and I finally committed to a girls weekend.  We decided to visit our cousin and we had a fabulous time.  As much as I know it is hard to leave my home, here are some reasons why you might consider having a girls weekend…

1. You need the time away from your kids for your own well-being whether you believe it or not.  It is good to miss your kids and your significant other.

2.  It is healthy to let go of the control and let others help out.  Your kids will live without being on your schedule for a few days.

3. Having relationships outside of your kids and partner is important and healthy.  I am close with my sister and cousin. I want my kids to see that I value these relationships.

4. Doing activities without kids helps you enjoy them again.  Honestly, it is nice to go out to dinner without worrying about others and only yourself.

5. You gain some independence.  Only being responsible for yourself can be freeing and help you fully connect with the people you are around.  

The weekend turned out to be amazing.  We went to dinner and then had headed up to a rooftop to enjoy the views of NYC.  The next day we went boating for the day, headed to a festival at night and just relaxed.  I even got to listen to a book on tape and go for a run with the view of NYC.  I hope your next girls weekend is just as good. 

Be Happy,

Jessica Lynn  

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