My Mother’s Day Letter to My Kids

Buddy and Mister are a little over a year apart.  Right before Mister was born, I wrote Buddy a letter sharing all that he had done over the past year and what it was like to be his mother.  The next year I wrote each one a letter sharing the joys of being their mom.  This past year, I just have not gotten around to writing those letters.  It is something that I have thought about almost daily and then feel guilty that I have  yet to complete it.  I know it is okay that I have not done the letters, but I want to find ways to document my children’s life, without setting up to many expectations for me that I cannot complete.  But seriously, why can’t I complete a yearly letter while other moms are doing monthly photo books?

A few days before Mother’s Day, a friend sent me this post on how not to be disappointed on Mother’s Day.  One suggestions is “write each of your kids an individual list of why you love being their mom.  This will help you remember why you’ve already got everything you need today”.  Since this has been on my mind, I figured what better way to do what I already had been doing, just switching the time of year.  On Saturday, I took time to write each my kids a letter.  I shared how much I love them, how proud I am and all they are accomplishing these days.  After breakfast we read the letters and they both really liked getting a letter.  (Of course in my head this went a little differently, you know, they cuddled with me and gave me big hugs-picture perfect moment).  

Part of motherhood for me is figuring out what traditions I want to start.  This is definitely one of them.  I think next year I will send them each a letter around Mother’s Day (because who does not love getting an old fashioned letter).  I am also going to try some of the other suggestions.

 I had a great Mother’s Day. I hope everyone else did too.  This one photo is from our Mother’s Day hike.  I love it because Buddy turned around and said “take our picture”.  It made my day.






  1. Whitney says:

    What a GREAT idea with writing a letter to your boys! I think it is easy to get caught up in the daily hustle & bustle of life that we loose sense of our “purpose” or what makes us happy…. Our children & family. We all have good days & bad days but a letter is a great way to reflect on all the great times you have shared over the year! Great blog Jess!!! Thanks again for sharing!!!

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