Sanity in a glass

If you have seen me in the last few months, it is very likely you have seen me with a drink, specifically a tumbler filled with some sort of green substance.  People often ask what that is I am drinking.  It is a green smoothie.  You know, the ones you see all over Pinterest and Facebook.  I began drinking green smoothies about a year ago when Mister had low iron.  It was my creative way to get him to get his vegetables.  Instead of wasting the extra, I began to drink them.  Overtime, I found that they have made a HUGE difference in my life.  I know that seems a little dramatic “sanity in a glass” but it really has made me feel better. I know I think clearer, I am calmer, and am more motivated to eat healthier throughout the day.  Eating healthier has given me more energy, which allows me to continue taking care of myself.  My top reasons for drinking green smoothies are as follows:

1. I crave less sugar (I mean I still crave it, but eat a lot less).

2. Since I can get about 5 servings of vegetables and fruit in 1 drink, I don’t feel guilty when I eat that sugar.

3. I can make these in less then 3 minutes and I feel good about sharing with my kids.

I highly recommend making these are part of your day.  I use an immersion blender and that takes only a minute to clean.  There are lots of recipes on the internet for green smoothies so just find one you like. I posted my usual recipe below.  If you are new to green smoothies just give them a chance.  I would also recommend starting with spinach if you don’t usually eat greens.  Remember though there are other greens besides kale and spinach too. I would also recommend adding more fruit until you get use to drinking them.  I now only use a little fruit, but it can help get you use to the flavor.  Enjoy this self-care in a glass.

Prep Time: Less then 5 minutes

1 Banana (frozen of fresh)

1-2 cups of greens (spinach, kale, red kale, swiss chard)

1/2 cup to 1 cup of frozen or fresh fruit (blue berries and pineapple are my favorite)

About 1 cup of almond or vanilla almond milk (enough liquid to make it smooth)

1 table spoon of Chia Seed

1 table spoon of flax seed

ice if you did not use frozen fruit



  1. Kim says:

    I make a similar shake, but with plain greek yogurt instead of almond milk and chocolate protein powder (1/2 scoop). Adam loves them too!

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