How to Set A Successful New Year’s Resolution

It is New Year’s Day and chances are you probably have a New Year’s Resolution or have at least thought about it.  Although I think I can guess the top New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to do a quick google search. I saw the following:
1. Lose weight
2. Volunteer to help others
3. Quick smoking
4. Get a better job
5. Get a better education
6. Save money
7. Get fit
8. Eat healthy food
9. Manage stress
10. Manage debt

Although there are more, this does a good job at giving a highlight to the common ones. I can say I have made almost all those resolutions.  The success rate of a New Year’s Resolution is pretty poor.  There are many reasons why people fail at their new goals. Sometimes the goal is not realistic or even attainable.  While other times it just seems like it is to much work to change. Change can happen though. I put a few simple suggestions together if you want to be more successful this year.

How To Be Successful with this Year’s Resolution

1. Set a realistic and specific goal. For example losing weight is not a specific goal. A specific and realistic goal would be losing 10 pounds in 3 months.
2. Become accountable. We succeed more often when we are accountable. If we set a goal of losing weight, but do not tell anyone, we have no one to be accountable to.  Find people who have a similar goal by joining a meeting in person or virtually. Another way to be accountable is to pay.  For example, if you want to get into running, sign up for a 5k. That way you are more accountable and have a better chance following through with your goal.
3. Focus on the present. Any success you made today is worth celebrating. Do not get caught up in the past or worrying about the future.
4. Work on changing your thinking. To change behaviors, one needs to start with changing negative or unhelpful thinking.  To do that, you need to create new pathways in the brain. This can happen by changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Instead of saying you can’t, learn to say I can.
5. Let go of expectations.  If your resolution has an expectation attached to it you may never be satisfied.  For example, losing weight will not necessarily make you happier nor will the new job.  Expectations create disappointment. 

Try implementing some of these small steps into your New Year’s Resolution.  If it doesn’t work out to how you want it to be, well you can just be you.  Happy New Year!


Choose Happiness,

Jessica Lynn

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