Staying Hopeful When You Want to See Change Now: Guest Post

I have recently connected with Kimberly over at my toddler talks.  Kimberly is a licensed speech pathologist, mother and author of My Toddler Talks and Learning to Read is a Ball.  In her post, Toddler Language Delays: 5 Ways to Stay Hopeful When You Want to See Change Now, Kimberly share some great advice.  Her advice includes some of following: (1) Remember a starting point to refer back to when needed (2) Set achievable goals one for your child and for you (3) chart progress (4) Consult with a professional and (5) Take the Good with the Bad.  Kimberly also shared the importance of talking about your feeling and doing something for yourself.  

I love the idea of talking about hope as I often talk about it with people.  On my Facebook page, I will give HOPE as a prompt work for a 5 minute writing exercise.  Having hope is essential.  Much of Kimberly’s advice can apply to anyone I believe, especially if you are trying to mark progress with a child on any behavior.  

Kimberly shared with me that her favorite thing for self-care is ensuring that she get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. As you could imagine, it doesn’t always happen, so if she can’t sleep she tries to embrace a calm, peaceful mind by breathing and burning her lavender Woodwick candle.  Kimberly stated that it smells wonderful and sounds like a fireplace when it burns.  Now that sounds nice!

Make sure you check out Kimberly’s post Toddler Language Delays: 5 Ways to Stay Hopeful When You Want to See Change Now.  

Choose Happiness, 

Jessica Lynn


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