Take Charge of Your Mom Stress: Guest Post

How is your happiness challenge been going?  Have you made time for yourself?  Are you still struggling with mom stress? What have you done to “refill” your own pitcher so that you can continue to give to others?  Well, if you haven’t found time or ways to take care of yourself, Julie from www.juliesafranski.com has some great suggestions for managing the stress that moms experience.  In her blog post How Moms Can Take Charge of  Their Stress: 9 Simple Self Care Strategies to Try some of her suggestions include learning to say no, asking for help and socializing.  What would you add to this list? We would love to hear what you do for you own self-care.

Julie is a licensed therapist in Chicago who works with individuals, children and families.  She has shared with me that her favorite form of self-care is exercise.  She stated that she loves tennis and volleyball and will play as often as her schedule allows.  Make sure you check out all that Julia does at www.juliesafranski.com

Choose Happiness,

Jessica Lynn

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