Why I Disliked Pinterest

When I first was told about Pinterest I did not understand it.  I really did not want anything to do with a site that I had to be invited to.  Why hadn’t anyone invited me to this mysterious site anyway?  This website already had me doubting myself and I just didn’t need that.  When I finally did get an invitation and went on, I was a bit offended to be honest, strike number 2.  I had spent years doing my best to avoid media that made me feel bad about myself.  I already knew I didn’t work out, should lose weight, didn’t cook, and so much more.  Why would I want to search all day for things I could never have?  Why would I purposely look at skinny women, expensive outfits, amazing houses, and read about all these things I should be doing for my kids.  But one day I did.  I quickly got sucked into pinning “flat abs in 6 weeks”, “potty training your 2 year old in 3 days”, “feeding your family of 6 on a $100.00 a month food budget” and  “100 amazing organizing tips”.  If you were to look at my Pinterest boards, one could easily think that I only eat clean/organic food, have no debt, got my cleaning down to 20 minutes a day (and totally natural of course), do amazing crafts with my kids, treat all illnesses with essential oils, am in great shape and make amazing dinners. I began to get down on myself.  The reality is I can’t always keep to the budget, potty training is taking way longer then 3 days, my abs are not flat, and I really need to organize my whole house.  Women already have expectations put on us by society, but as a mom that list only grows and feels endless at times.  Here I am actually contributing to it.  Not only was I looking at all of these pins, I was taking time to actually categorize them.  What was I doing?

Well it turns out, some of those pins are really useful.  Who knew?  I actually began reading all these blogs (in my moment of self care/I need to check out for a minute) and there was some really good information.  My goal is to be able to be more present with my kids and if someone had some suggestions to make that happen, maybe I should try it.  I slowly began taking some of those suggestions.  I fell in love with my crock pot, vinegar/baking soda/dawn are essentials in my home, I found a couch to 5k program, and I began to think about reducing our budget.  When I found that I actually took some of the suggestions people had, I was less resentful toward pinterest.  For me, I feel good when I am able to provide for my family (but doing it in less time) and somethings have worked for me.  It is different for everyone.  Since I have been on Pinterest, I have learned to love it and have even identified myself as a “Pinterest Pusher”.  I think that is part of the reason that I have started this blog.  I have been know to send pins to people who really don’t want them and once a day I usually say, “Pinterest, I know, I am obsessed”.  The most important role Pinterest has played in my self care journey is that it got me thinking.  But I took those first steps.  So I am going stop pushing it on others and maybe just contribute instead.

Happy Pinning!

Jessica Lynn


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