Year End Happiness Review

Happy New Year Everyone!  Here is a quick year end happiness review. This has been an exciting year for me.  My year started off as a normal year for me except that I was determined to take some time for myself.  Being a mom of 2 young boys was exhausting and I knew I was not enjoying motherhood as much as I possible could.  So, as a therapist, I took my own advice and started working on myself.  I took time for my own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  The result is I feel so much better and am happy.  Self-care has also taught me to give myself grace-I am not perfect and do not need to be. Not everyday is great, but part of being happy is appreciating the small things. 

A quick highlight of what self-care has given me

-This blog

-Completing my first 1/2 marathon

-Being more present with my kids

-Opening my own private practice

I would say it has been a good year!

When I first started this blog, I wrote how I was determined to not wish time away and that was only 8 months ago and I feel like I am doing pretty well.  I hope you join me on this journey of motherhood and to learn how just taking even a few minutes a day can make a big difference in your daily life.  My hope for everyone in this upcoming New Year is that they find happiness in what they have and enjoy all those totally chaotic moments with your kids! 

Being the end of the year, I figured I would post some of the more popular post from this past year.  Take a look around and remember to sign up for emails so you are notified of new posts. 

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About my self-care

Choose Happiness,

Jessica Lynn


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